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Millie Mayson, placed our strategy board game, FILINKO, 
on GAMESKEY.NET’s, games/ , 
Hand-picked Mobile Board Games page which also features 22 other board games including Dwindle TBS, Meme Party, Minesweeeper, CheSScan, ItsyGames For Babies&Toddlers, Line 98, OMUIMU / YJSP Puzzle Game, 
Roll-it!, Fun 7 Dice, Angry Drunks Bingo, Dice – a minimal digital dice, 
Fine Art Puzzles, Everybody Dice, Battle Ship: Sea Battle, Match 2 Fun, 
Hong Kong Style Mahjong – 3D, Investor Island, Magic Maker!, and others. 
Please check out all of these games


The primeval origin of the hero’s journey depicted in story is the day-to-day journey of the sun.

Act One: The sun at high noon is at its strongest: called Ra. 
Tuning Point: The sun at sunset, now called Atum, crucified on the 
horizon, suffers death.  

Act Two: The sun as Osiris, Lord of the Underworld, travels through the underworld  overwhelming the forces of darkness to be reborn as Horus. Turning Point: Midway through this ordeal Osiris reaches the nadir of his struggle against the