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Millie Mayson, placed our strategy board game, FILINKO, 
on GAMESKEY.NET’s, games/ , 
Hand-picked Mobile Board Games page which also features 22 other board games including Dwindle TBS, Meme Party, Minesweeeper, CheSScan, ItsyGames For Babies&Toddlers, Line 98, OMUIMU / YJSP Puzzle Game, 
Roll-it!, Fun 7 Dice, Angry Drunks Bingo, Dice – a minimal digital dice, 
Fine Art Puzzles, Everybody Dice, Battle Ship: Sea Battle, Match 2 Fun, 
Hong Kong Style Mahjong – 3D, Investor Island, Magic Maker!, and others. 
Please check out all of these games by clicking on their icons to go to Gameskeys product page. And go to to
see FILINKO listed there. Thank you, Millie Mayson.


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